Saturday evening 20:00 – 00:00 – El Juntacadaveres in Fluor


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Tango on a pop-stage? Why not! The men of El Juntacadavres show that the Argentine Tango is more than a dance for old people or a reminder of the obligatory dance class during high school. With their crossovers of Argentine Tango, Punk, Hip Hop and other musical styles, they regularly perform at leading festivals such as Sziget in Budapest. For the first time in the Netherlands and probably not for the last time. And of course you get to dance to it. But that’s not a prerequisite.

The musicians he gathered around him come from jazz, pop, tango and latin, and the music they make is a steamy, energetic mix of all that, with perfectly fitting raps, a scratcher that blends seamlessly into the sound. fits, a particularly tight bandoneonist who forms the heart and soul of the band. The passion and melancholy of the tango are, as it should be, firmly present, and that alone makes this a beautiful picture. But El Juntacadaveres also bends the tango in her own way, resulting in energetic, sometimes almost aggressive big city music.

Between sets, a Tango DJ will provide music. Never a dull moment…