Tango de Minas plays tangos from the last 100 years – from traditional milongas through Finnish, Turkish and Serbian tangos to Tango Nuevo. ‘Minas’ comes from the Lunfardo – the common dialect for tango texts and means ‘women’. The five tangueras from Cologne form a quinteto non-típicas: pianist Claudia Glocksin founded the band with Argentine singer Ursula Cuesta and cellist Johanna Stein, Katharina Stashik on saxophones and drummer Gaby Juettner complete the unconventional instrumentation. Since 2015, the band has been conquering and invigorating audiences’ ears, hearts, and dancing feet. Their arrangements are guided by the stories of the pieces, the stories of tango, so that melancholy and lightness coexist inseparably. With great passion, creativity and humor, Tango de Minas defies every cliché and is still pure tango.