Orquesta Tipica Juan D’Arienzo (AR)

They are in the Netherlands for the first time. What the Big Band is to Jazz, the Orquesta Tipica is to Tango. In a line-up with 4 bandoneons, 4 violins, a double bass and a piano they play the roof. Whether you’re on the dance floor or just listening to the concert.

Orquesta Tipica Juan D’Arienzo is named after one of the most important conductors of the golden years of the Argentine Tango.

Viva El Tango (NL) – Frederique Spigt en orkest

If anyone can capture the atmosphere and tone of the Tango in Dutch, it’s Frederique Spigt. Haar doorleefde stem en de tekeningen van het leven stelde haar in staat om de mooiste muziek te voorzien van Nederlandstalige poezie. For those who want to muse or just feel the homesickness of the migrants who once left for Buenos Aires. Perhaps from Rotterdam. Both ports, both rich in cultural movements and both rich in people who now and then long for better times.

Tango de Minas (DE)

Tango de Minas plays tangos from the last 100 years – from traditional milongas through Finnish, Turkish and Serbian tangos to Tango Nuevo. ‘Minas’ comes from the Lunfardo – the common dialect for tango texts and means ‘women’. The five tangueras from Cologne form a quinteto non-típicas: pianist Claudia Glocksin founded the band with Argentine singer Ursula Cuesta and cellist Johanna Stein, Katharina Stashik on saxophones and drummer Gaby Juettner complete the unconventional instrumentation. Since 2015, the band has been conquering and invigorating audiences’ ears, hearts, and dancing feet. Their arrangements are guided by the stories of the pieces, the stories of tango, so that melancholy and lightness coexist inseparably. With great passion, creativity and humor, Tango de Minas defies every cliché and is still pure tango.

Quinteto Astor (BE)

Although Quinteto ASTOR is named after Piazzolla, this group feels especially happy when dancers are around. The quintet plays much more than just the music of this legend. In 2002, a thrilling phrase for passionate chamber music brings together five students from the Antwerp Conservatory. Astor Piazzolla’s tango nuevo seems to fit the group perfectly. Quinteto ASTOR is born.

Warman, Houdijk en Post (NL)

A vibrant combination. That’s how you can call the combination of Wim Warman (piano), Vincent Houdijk (Vibraphone) and Radboud Post (violin). A combination of instruments that you wouldn’t immediately expect to find in tango. They play a danceable program and are guided in their playing by what they see on the dance floor. A symbiosis of dance and music that sparkles.

The Youngsters featuring Carel Kraayenhof

A new generation of musicians is emerging to keep Argentine Tango alive in the Netherlands. Students of the Sweelinck Academy and the Junior Jazz College, both in Amsterdam, are joining forces to perform the Tango. With 25 musicians and a choir, this is perhaps the most versatile lineup ever seen and heard during Dutch Tango Week.

El Juntacadaveres (BE)

Tango on a pop-stage? Why not! The men of El Juntacadavres show that Argentine Tango is more than a dance for old people. With their crossovers of Argentine Tango, Punk, Hip Hop and other musical styles, they regularly perform at leading festivals such as Sziget in Budapest. For the first time in the Netherlands and probably not for the last time. And of course you get to dance to it. But that’s not a prerequisite.

Omar Mollo (AR)

As one of the best tango singers in the world, Omar Mollo (AR) is a welcome guest during Dutch International Tango Week. And especially when he brings his friends along for a special program. A program that this year, for the first time, will allow audiences to attend. This year he is bringing Juan Pablo Dobal (piano), Santiago Cimadevilla (bandoneon) and Emma Breedveld (violin) for an evening of wonderful listening music.


Rik Cornelissen (NL) is seen as an ambassador for the accordion and is inspired by jazz, tango and classical music. With an open mind he composes and creates new pieces that navigate between styles and show the versatility of the accordion. The music of TRIFID arose because three musicians felt the urge to merge the unique accordion, vibraphone and double bass. The result is an exciting and intense perspective of something best described as an animated, yet serene and intimate, energy field full of lyricism and mystery.

Los Milonguitas (FR)

The tango trio “Los Milonguitas” has a clear goal in mind : that all dancers fill the milonga dance floor. Influenced by the great orchestras of the golden age, (Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Caló), “Los Milonguitas” offer both trio versions in style and their own compositions, always taking into account the performance needs of the milongueros, the true protagonists of the dance floor.
Since 2014, in Buenos Aires, “Los Milonguitas” have been constantly working on their repertoire, during milongas porteñas, matching their musical choices to the style of the most prestigious milongueros, seeking the advice of dance professors and internationally recognized DJs.
The new compositions that complete the repertoire are inspired by the universe of today’s milongas porteñas, from the classical to the more informal or transgressive.