El Cachivache (AR)

El Cachivache is currently one of the most popular tango orchestras on the international circuit. Some call the style “Tangopunk” because of its modern sound. Their creative and entirely unique style is danceable, original and creative. Each year, the group visits more than 50 countries across 3 continents on their tours. And so this year also exclusively with us in Amersfoort.

Tanghetto (AR)

Tanghetto is the critically acclaimed orchestra of Argentine musician and producer Max Marsi. In 2002, the orchestra followed in the footsteps of Gotan Project and continues to focus on electro and neotango. During this concert, you will experience a unique fusion of music and visuals and the orchestra will let you hear the stomping atmosphere of Argentine Tango.

L’Armenonville (FR)

L’Armenonville was the name of the cabaret where the famous Tango singer Carlos Gardel, made his debut one New Year’s Eve in 1913. For nine years in Buenos Aires, this cabaret was one of the most famous places for tango lovers, and since its name comes from a hunting lodge in the Bois de Boulogne near Paris, it made sense for a French band to adopt this name to create echoes between this city and the Argentine capital.

InnerDuo (NL)

Each year, Dutch Tangoweeek brings unique talent to the stage. Professionals at the beginning of their long careers in Tango music. The Rotterdam Inner Duo was formed in 2020. Using the exceptionally warm tone of the double bass and the multicolored tone of the accordion, Alejandra and Helena aim to create a musical journey.

Accordionist Helena Sousa, Spain, obtained her Master’s degree in Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg, France in 2017.
She collaborates with Vertixe Sonora, Real Filharmonía de Galicia, DoelenEnsemble, Maruja Roca Ensemble, Ensemble Intercolor, AKOM Ensemble.

Double bassist Alejandra Rony, Costa Rica, earned her master’s degree at Codarts, Rotterdam, in 2018. She performs with the Rotterdam Chamber Music Society, Metropole Orchestra, DoelenEnsemble, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, Brussels Philharmonic, RBO Sinfonia and Sinfonia Rotterdam.

Orquesta Tipica deLeones (AR)

Thanks to its own identity, and by rigorously relying on the musical heritage of the Argentine dialect, the orchestra will shake the audience with the sounds of its marcattos. Combining popular, precise and contemporary energy, the DeLeones Tango Orquesta will appeal to both music and dance lovers.

Musica Extrema (NL)

The Musica Extrema ensemble will present its brand new program “Sin Limites” during the festival. The group has recruited some spectacular international jazz musicians to perform this totally idiosyncratic and contemporary project with them. The boundaries of tango, jazz and improvisation are explored, but not found. Sin limites!
Known for its bold and unique projects since 2003, Musica Extrema brings to life a unique new challenge with “Sin imites.

El Puente Trio (NL – AR)

El Puente Trio takes its name from the musicians’ central focus and inspiration – building bridges. Guitarist Elliot Muusses from the Netherlands, clarinetist Natalio Sued and bassist Adan Mizrahi, Argentines, bridge the geographical and cultural gap with fresh stylings on tango classics. The trio revives the tradition of clarinet, guitar and bass in Argentine music, giving it a charismatic twist and irresistible danceability. The three’s seamless blending grows out of their own personal experiences and celebrates the crossover of styles and textures, bringing the allure of Argentine music to Europe.

Duo Dick de Graaf en Wim Warman (NL)

Dick de Graaf is a multi-award-winning Dutch saxophonist. In 2022, he won the prestigious Dutch Edison Oevre Award for his work for Dutch jazz music. It is a special honor that he also wants to dedicate himself to improvised tango music this year. Together with pianist and our artistic advisor Wim Warman, he will show and hear that tango music is alive and kicking.