Single tickets for the performances at Teatro Cuatro, the tent located next to Zandfoort aan de Eem, are on sale at the door. The orchestras play 2 different performances. These tickets cost 5 euros per person. Click here to see the line-up in the tent by day.

You can save money by using our day and festival tickets. You can order those below. This includes all one-day performances (6 of them) and 2 milongas a day and dinner at the Teatro Cuatro. With the festival ticket, you can also go to Tanghetto for free and save another 30 euros.

Ticket holders of WeArePublic ( can use their pass to go for free to Tanghetto’s performance at FLUOR on Friday night and exclusively to all evening concerts in Zaal Bloemendaal of Zandfoort aan de Eem.

No single tickets are available for the evening performances in Bloemendaal Hall.