Zinnetango is a tango group formed in Brussels in the spring of 2021. This international quartet consists of top musicians from Argentina, Belgium and Estonia. A shared passion for the tango tradition reflects both the enthusiasm and picardy of the “guardia vieja” and the melancholy of the “guardia nueva.” The repertoire includes works by Pugliese, Gobbi, Salgán, Piazzolla, Spinetta, Jacques Brel and many others. Representing a new generation of Argentine-European tango, the ensemble presents its vision of world music through original arrangements and compositions. Zinnetango aims to bring together classical and popular programs by distributing tango in both concert halls and dance clubs. The group debuted at the highest level in September 2021 with a Baltic tour with living tango legend and also artistic advisor of the Dutch International Tangoweek, Omar Mollo.